Survey Software is software that provides tools for performing an organized and logical approach to your search.  With the advent of the GPS and its interface into the computer, a whole new level of sophistication in treasure hunting has been created.  It is now possible to lay out a search grid with lanes drawn according to your specific needs.

The remote sensing equipment available today all come with software which interfaces with GPS technology and which records the survey data onto a computer for later replay and analysis.  This type of software technology provides a visual, user-friendly interface to the equipment which gives the user a level of accuracy never achievable before.  It is common to identify a possible target on a sidescan sonar image, obtain the GPS coordinates provided by the software, and have a diver go to those coordinates and be within a few feet or meters of the object in question.

Below is an actual screen shot of a search grid set up at an angle to work between two points of land, utilizing a software package called Pnav.  This software, produced by Effective Solutions Data Products, has many features to aid with sidescan sonar and magnetometer surveys, including data recording, towfish offset calculations, swath display, etc.


Chart with search grid laid out. When doing a survey, the boat’s position is shown and a track of the area covered is also displayed. Pnav software from Effective Solutions Data Products.